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endorsement structure

How NFT collectors and influencers can earn ETH for their support!

The NFT Artist endorsement structure is designed for collectors and influencers with a genuine Crypto Twitter following of 10,000 or more. It offers a decentralized approach to "producing" and "marketing," making it possible for any artist to gain visibility and scale while rewarding their supporters.


Starting at 10,000 followers. You will receive a 3% cut of Primary sale for your endorsement. 

 support matters

Your enthusiasm and social media presence directly influences interest and price of artwork.

add 1% for every 1000+

Add 1% for every 1000 Twitter Followers to a maximum of 30%.  Eg: 15,000 Followers = 8% cut. 

10 days of Tweets!

Likes and retweets in the 10 day lead up to drop is the minimum level of support required.

Maximum 30%

37,000 + Followers = 30% maxmum,

Possible to negotiate percentage under special circumastances.

your cut

Percentage is calculated after the platform fees have been deducted from the primary sale.  



Go to Unreleased NFT page.

Fill out the Endorsement form.



Choose the NFT or NFT collection you wish to endorse.

Wait to be contacted for further instructions.

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