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"Sculpture is a parable in three dimensions, a symbol of a spiritual experience, and a means of conveying truth by concentrating its essence into visible form. ... It must be the reflection of the artist who creates it and of the era in which he lives, not an echo or a memory of other days and other ways." - MALVINA HOFFMAN


Found Art

Kid Genius Collection

Discarded, abandoned, unused, outgrown, outmoded, and outlived their raison d'être. Junk.

Megs has taken mass-manufactured cast metal figurines and turned them into recycled, refinished, refurbished, reimagined contemporary art.

These found objects that once graced the tables of garage sales, shelves of thrift stores, and cold storage rooms of Etsy and Ebay sellers now gleam and sparkle. 


Taking cues from luxury brands, they have been given a new designer look. Each piece sports a heat branded faux red velvet bottom, Off-White™ inspired identification tag and a custom silk charmeuse dust bag. sculpture 2
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