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"I am still under the impression that there is nothing alive quite so beautiful as a thoroughbred horse."  —John Galsworthy


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In the 16-1700's, the transcendent style of Baroque swept across Europe, eased into the resplendence of Rococo and finally came to rest on the white cliffs of Dover in the 18-19th century in its comparatively restrained Neo-classical form.

As Christianity yielded to the enlightened virtues of classical liberalism there were many artists who, without religious patronage, required a new subject for their vocation. When one door closed, another opened and coincidentally, the British had finally perfected what would come to be one of the most significant equine warmbloods to be born of the sceptred isle; The Thoroughbred. This versatile, sporting and expensive creature provided such a subject, and a new and happy marriage of patron and artist ensued.

There was already a long tradition of familial portraiture, but an excess of wealth demanded new and creative ways to be displayed. Thus it became quite fashionable at that time for the nobility and aristocracy to commission semi-pastoral portraits of favourite homes, hounds, hunts and horses. When portraits were utterly unaffordable for the average person, we certainly know what the Duke of Devonshire's favourite racehorse Flying Childers looked like.

We begin to see a resurgence of these elite customs in the Metaverse as prosperity touches an ambitious and lucky few. The BCHC is an ongoing collection of Regency/Georgian/Victorian-inspired thoroughbred portraits that demonstrate similarities between past and present displays of wealth and power. Virtual horse racing is the new digital 'sport of kings' and a clear example of conspicuous consumption in the Metaverse, and we love it!

Beginning with 12 pieces, we are proud to present the Blockchain Champions Horse Club.

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