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the phenomenon of man


“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
                              ― Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


The Phenomenon of Man

Steeped in symbolism, this collection is a surreal glimpse into where man has been and where he must go. Evolution aims to bring consciousness from the unconscious in a multi-pronged struggle from every component of the earth, ceaselessly vying for its place. It is ultimately a spiritual path to the highest possible form of consciousness, which so far has only reached its zenith in man.


"The day is not far distant when humanity will realize that biologically it is faced with a choice between suicide and adoration." -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Such a choice will be an unprecedented evolutionary decision toward an elevated and unified consciousness. A consciousness that has been groping in the darkness to perfect itself since life first appeared on earth.

It should come as no surprise (although I suspect it may) that the initial inklings of Transhumanist philosophy lay at the feet of Christian thinkers and theologians. Man's triumph over the corruption of mind, body and spirit has served relentlessly as the focus of religious contemplation for time immemorial. And in this regard, it has supplied man with the inclination and eventually the means to attain for himself a higher state of being.

Even that seemingly godless domain of the Secular Humanist finds its philosophical and intellectual origins humbly (perhaps intentionally so) embedded in the beatitudes and woes of Christ. Though untethered from God, these Judeo-Christian values still form the basis of morality for contemporary Western Civilization and serve to undergird the wider substructure and formation of Transhumanist principles writ large.

Those who consider the fruits of man's labours unnatural will undoubtedly resist Transhumanism, perhaps even seeing such a pursuit as an offence against God. Apotheosis, however, is not the stated goal of transcendence but Super Longevity, Super Intelligence, and Super Well-being culminating in Super Spirituality.

Consciousness is all.

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